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#ModernBuildingDesign provides #Tenants with light and air, flexible buildout, welcoming lobbies and many amenities. #Modernbuildings have the lowest vacancy rates, according to a Brookfield study.

Updated: Apr 14

Due to rapid acceleration of #technology:

--Business interactions have dramatically changed.

-New and #modernbuildings are dominating the market.

-Older buildings are struggling with up to 90 percent of the current vacancy rates. ---#Offices are used to create, collaborate and innovate while paper files and mailrooms have become obsolete.

-#Amenities may include onsite fitness and conference centers, communal meeting areas and a wide variety of food and beverage options.

-Although a #modern building may be pricier per square foot, a functional floor plan addressing the #modernfloorplate can equate to #COSTSAVINGS.

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