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Free Rent and Concessions with Lease Renewal

Updated: Jan 21

Tenants are getting smarter about bringing their own representation to the table when renewing a lease.

To ensure a fair deal, tenants are recognizing the conflict of interest and lack of true transparency in transactions where the Landlord's broker or management company represent both Landlord and Tenant.

A tenant should realize their negotiating power in lease renewal. It historically saves the Landlord significant time and money to renew a lease, even with concessions. When a tenant vacates, there can be months of downtime with no rent to the Landlord. A new tenant may expect upgrades and concessions prior to move in which may require space plans, contractor bids and city permits.

Working with a broker on your lease renewal lets the landlord know you are aware of alternate, better space options and if necessary, there is time to relocate.

The cost of a Tenant Rep Broker in Lease Renewal Negotiation: $00.00.

Typically, a listing broker or property manager receives a commission with lease renewal. Tenants reserve the right to professional representation. Listing brokers/managers split the pre negotiated, contracted fee with the tenant's agent vs. taking the entire fee. There is no cost associated with a tenant representation broker.

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