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Tenant Rep Brokers Best Compare to Which Halloween Character?

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Spiderman is continually visiting buildings, although not in the most conventional way. He is known for his kindness and respected by all. He represents the average person but like many, possesses a unique talent, similar to a tenant rep broker.

So what exactly does a tenant rep broker do?

  • Carefully listens to a tenants requirements for office relocation or lease renewal.

  • Immediately prepares a Best Options List.

  • Completes a lease renewal proposal if a tenant is not sure of lease renewal vs relocation.

  • Schedules a building tour with each location being 30 to 45 minutes apart so Best Options can be viewed within a few hour time frame.

  • Prepares proposals for submission to Landlords.

  • Is never hesitant to request all items on the Tenant's wish list.

  • Attends space planning meetings to ensure items are within budget.

  • Counters Landlord proposals, several times if necessary.

  • Provides other choices if Option One is not working out.

  • Reviews all leases and purchase contracts, offering expert advice.

  • Is available every day until a transaction is complete.

  • There is NO CHARGE for a Tenant Rep Broker. This service is FREE.

  • The Landlord's broker will compensate.

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